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My goal is simple: To make this planet a greener + more loving place for everyone.

I’m Ambre, a Dutch native and citizen of the world. I’m a light worker, yoga teacher, big-dream chaser, and make-it-happen coordinator.

I do the inner work.

I travel the world for a living, and for personal growth. Yoga, meditation, and breathwork are powerful tools and the one I use every day to fuel my mission — because when you feel whole on the inside, you can be of service on the outside.

I live to serve.

I empower people through organizing inspirational workshops, events and festivals, and I assist in trainings for self-development that I can pass on to my students. Everything I create or coordinate includes 2 of my essential elements: dance parties and self-evolution.

My journey as event coordinator, logistics support, wellness coach, and yoga teacher has taken me from Amsterdam to Aruba, New York and on social mission trips across the world. The teams and missions I work with empower everyone everywhere to stand up as an impactful humanitarian in your own way.

I love my green smoothies and breathwork sessions, not because they get likes on the ‘gram, but because they fuel me to be my most aligned and powerful self for the betterment of all. Because that’s what matters most.

I get out of bed every day with hope for our world because I believe in the power of awareness, community, and love. Do you want to plan an epic event? I’m your girl.
Step by step and with a smile, we can all be the change. Send me a message and let’s get to work!
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Project Management
I Organize Epic Experiences That Make a Difference

Cultural understanding is essential to create harmony in our connected world.

How does understanding happen? Through experience. Through seeing a way of living with your own eyes, and through realizing how alike we all really are.

I’m a daydreamer for change who won’t stop traveling. Because travel educates, it connects, and it transforms. I take my yoga off the mat by planning experiences around the world that educate people on sustainable wellness for themselves and for the planet.

Start-ups, non-profits, small or large corporations… If you have a dream to bring more health and happiness to the planet, let’s talk. I’ll be your right-hand assistant, creative consultant, or “go home and relax, I got this” program manager. Together, we will make it happen!

I’ve helped build and host large-scale and intimate missions, like…

My expertise includes managing the planning, logistics, and on-the-spot plot twists from ground level and a bird’s eye view. Catch me keeping it cool and calm for the guests while juggling every event detail in my head to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Why do I love working my ass off for these programs? Because they stand a chance to change the world. And I won’t settle for anything less.

Let’s change the world.



I believe the real beauty in loving ourselves is the gift that it gives the world. If you know how to take loving care of your body and soul, if you’re connected to yourself, then you will honor the needs of our planet and take loving care of it, too.

If your mind is clear, you can help spread clarity.

I teach tools of personal wellness because that is the key to global wellness.

Love yourself, love your Earth!


Teaching runs in my veins. I’ve been teaching a wide variety of sports since I was 17, naturally adding in massage therapy and nutrition as my love for holistic wellness grew. I will never stop learning, but here’s my timeline so far:

  • 2019: Breathwork Certification — Maha Rose, New York
  • 2018: Master Class – Yoga Works, Los Angeles, California
  • 2016: 150-hr Advanced Teacher Training – De Nieuw Yoga School, Amsterdam
  • 2016: The Art of Vinyasa Workshop – Simon Park, Haarlem
    2016: Master Class – Tara Stiles, Amsterdam
  • 2015-2016: Masseur Therapist – Aalo
  • 2015: 50-hr Yin Intensive Training – Amsterdam
  • 2015: 100-hr Strala Yoga Intensive Training – Tara Stiles, Amsterdam
  • 2015: 50-hr SUP Yoga Teacher Training & WPA Certification – Rachel Brathen, Aruba
  • 2014: Masters Degree: Event Management & Human Resources — Schoevers University, Netherlands
  • 2014-2015: Nutritionist and Detox Coach Certification – Civas
  • 2014: 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Thailand
  • 2013: Office Management — Schoevers College, Netherlands
  • 2011: 100-hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – India

A Way of Living


I live my yoga because I know the manifestation of anything I desire starts with me. What does that look like?

  • I get on my mat even when I don’t want to.
  • I practice loving kindness even when I would rather not.
  • I show up every day dedicated to learn, grow, and make a positive impact, no matter the challenge.

Yoga is not an exercise to place yourself higher than you used to be or how anyone else is. The Sanskrit word yoga translates to “union; to yoke; connection”. Yoga is about connection to our truest and purest source (a source that we all share), to something bigger than ourselves, and everyone is welcome.

My favorite students are the ones who are new to yoga or maybe don’t even like it! There is nothing like helping someone come home to themselves, maybe for the very first time. My own yoga journey didn’t change me overnight, and I don’t ask my students to dramatically change themselves faster than their own journey asks them to.

One step at a time, patience and acceptance of what is, curiosity of what may be – these are the keys to yoga, to connection.

Yoga Experiences

I’m a Lightworker Who Guides Yoga & Breathwork for Love in Action

Yoga is a profound practice for your soul and entire being. It struck a chord in my heart when I took my first class, and I’ve immersed myself in the practice ever since. I use a wide range of workshops and practice styles to teach people of all ages the secrets of this ancient and powerful practice.

Breathwork is a growing technique of self-healing and meditation. As a lightworker, I’ve noticed how important and easy it is to incorporate breathwork into my classes. We use the breath to emotionally detox the body! This unique, mind-blowing experience moves stuck energy and facilitates the release of strong emotions. It leaves you feeling softer, less burdened, and with great natural high — so you’re ready to follow your dreams!

My classes are a dynamic, wild, beautiful ride.


Wellness Retreats

Our participants learn how to reconnect with their true authentic selves through mindfulness and well being.

My trips serve as a powerful tool to transform lives. With a foundation of self-awareness, nature and connecting with community, we gain insights and empathy for real-world challenges — and what we can actually do about them.

I host experiences with inspiring friends from around the globe.  We raise awareness around the benefits of traveling, relaxing, yoga, and we always support impactful initiatives in unique places — all while inspiring each other to live our best lives.

We travel to Tulum, Zion, Ecuador, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Aruba, and many more magical places!



Yoga poses, called asanas, provide your whole self with energy, power, balance, and relaxation. It is freedom and union wrapped into one life-changing and lifelong practice.

In my classes, the focus is always on love for yourself and others, and everyone is welcome.

My teaching style is a dynamic vinyasa flow. We learn how to flow from pose to pose — one moment to the next — with simplified intention, awareness, and lightness. I creatively sequence each class so you can open up and strengthen your core, balance and inversions. I guide my students through the elements – external and internal – for a meditative dance that leaves you a little confused as to how you got so sweaty.

My classes are playful and never the same twice. Life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously, and neither does a yoga class!

The Blog


WhatsApp: +31 6 15 17 90 18


I love creating special workshops where you can let loose, like my MAGICAL MANIFESTATION workshop! or like this Glow in the Dark Yoga Dance Party, light your fire, or explore your practice at a deeper level.

Join me! My upcoming workshops can be found below.

Saturday08.30 amVinyasa flowRooftop yoga Williamsburg hotel, Brooklyn
Thursday12.30 pmVinyasa flowYoga Shanti, TriBeca
Thursday07.15 pmVinyasa FlowSyncStudio Brooklyn
Friday12.30 pmVinyasa FlowNYC

Jan 1-20 Feb Island Yoga- Aruba

Feb 16- 28 Feb Costa Rica – Envision Festival

April 1-11 Mexico- Tulum

April 11-16 – Amsterdam

April 16- ongoing NYC HOME BASE

May 17-28th May Morocco with the Assemblage and 109world

2nd June-9th June Amsterdam- Netherlands 

August 16-20 Zion 109world

September 1-9 Dallas, Memphis and New Orleans

October 20-31  Tulum, Mexico

December 5-10 MIAMI Art Basel

December 10-23 Amsterdam