A Summer at O’Neill Surflife

This summer, I was teaching SUP classes and Yoga classes at my favorite surf camp: the O’Neill Surflife Carcans camp! It’s located in the lovely, small town Carcans-Ocean. Carcans is a cool French surf town. It’s where you’ll find fantastic sandy beaches and quiet surf line-ups for surfers of all levels.

You’ll find Carcans on the French Atlantic coast near Bordeaux and close to Lacanau, which is famous for the international surfing competitions as well as the wild nightlife. It’s a true surfing town with cozy bars, tasty restaurants and great (surf) shops. Go for a swim or paddleboard tour with our BogaYoga SUP boards in the nearby lake ‘Lac de Hourtin’.

With our skate longboards by Sector 9 and Durkes you’ll be able to surf the tarmac and join longboard clinics. Wake up and relax with our breakfast buffet and top off your beach day with our tasty and fresh ‘surf food’.

Our spot is only 300 meters away from both the beach and town. On our grounds you’ll find a Chill Out with lounge and hammock areas, an Open Mic night, relaxing yoga sessions, cocktail parties, professional surf lessons, the O’Neill surf contest, beach volley and the best surfboards. Are you looking for a relaxed vibe with lots of surfing, yoga and live music, then come visit the O’Neill Surflife Carcans camp!

Surflife has been organizing awesome surf trips to the best surf spots on the French and Portuguese coast since 1991. Being surfers ourselves, we want to share this passion with you and give you the most amazing surf trip ever. Our slogan is ‘Surf, Music, Chill’.

Although our trips revolve around surfing, we offer many other activities like beach volleyball, SUP tours, slacklining, longboard skating and yoga as well. You’ll also find great parties and music by DJ’s, singer-songwriters and live bands like Ten Hut, Chef’Special and Jack and the Weatherman. And of course you can enjoy delicious food, have a good sleep in our comfortable tents or apartments and relax in our hammock areas.

Join me next summer and enjoy this amazing surf & yoga experience with me!

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