Teaching to Educate the Youngsters

Why am I a yoga teacher?

To work with my body and nourish the mind, for sure. But also to connect and embrace this world and learn how to connect with other human being (but most of all with nature!) To teach people how fragile this world is and how to treat it the right way so we can use our strength in the right way.

The best way to educate, in my eyes? Teach people to step out of their mind and into their body. Teaching them to nourish it with high vibrational food and music, sending good energy into the world.

But also to feel when bad energy is entering your body, and how to deal with energies like fear and anger. Learning to feel what YOU feel and not to avoid it, but to learn how to deal with it. So when we know, we can grow and hold onto the good stuff and make this world a better place (thank you Michael Jackson, for writing that amazing song, It’s True!).

So my mission is to help people discover the power of food, our bodies, our mindsets and use this power in the right way! Small steps are more than enough, and that’s why it is an honor to teach these kids from Saint Nicholaas during a neighborhood event to play around and nourish – but most of all to have fun!

Thank you!!!

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