A new trip means a New ( Yoga ) playlist. And teaching/taking classes in the world is my biggest inspiration so during my Trip to Azia and LA again a new epic playlist  is coming along! Check out my @spotify and follow me! Many people ask me how/where I find my music! Well shazam and spotify are my besties! After every trip I make a new Yoga playlist, named after the city/country I travelled to. It’s like a photoalbum. So when I play that playlist in class it’s a trip down memory lane an inspiration for my class, or a way to manifest a trip to a certain place. Guess my next playlist will be called Brazill and so is my NYC playlist more urban and my new Italian playlist Techno “ish” 🙈 due to my party friends I guess haha It’s the best way to show gratitude for all the awesomeness in this world and Inspire my students ❤️🤸‍♀️I hope you feel that vibe in class?? also It’s just fun to intergrate music from friends and diff countries!

You can find me on Spotify under Ambre van de Berg or click on this link and follow my latest playlist: HOLLYWOOD



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