Zen by Sen

NEW: Zen by Sen: Cool & sustainable yoga wear

There is a cool new Dutch brand in yoga wear available, called Zen by Sen. Yoga teacher Sandra Botman was looking for good quality, sustainable fabrics and awesome prints but found it hard to find those kind of leggings. So she called out to her sister-in law Judith van Vliet, fashion designer, with the question why not to make their own leggings and shirts? In that way, all criteria that make up the perfect pair of leggings like a high waist band, no transparancy, cool prints and a fair price could be met. Boyfriend Peter is the one responsible for the pictures, marketing and the webshop. The first collection leggings consists of 10 different prints. Next to the leggings, there is a crop top and linnen bag available. And even though yoga was the main reason why the leggings were made, the Zen by Sen outfits are good for whatever activity you want to carry out (running, dancing, pole dancing, you name it!)

4 reasons why Zen by Sen is sustainable:
1. The leggings are made from recycled fishing nets that were left behind in the oceans. On a yearly basis, many sea animals die in those nets, and that is very sad! With a pair of Zen by Sen leggings, you do good to our oceans.
2. Bags and shirts are fair trade and made from organic cotton.
3. Production takes place in Europe, so no harsh labour conditions or unnecessary CO2 emissions due to long distance transportation.
4. Flyers and packaging materials are from recycled paper

Visit the webshop here: www.zenbysen.com

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